Monday, May 25, 2009

Invitation Paper

I finally "pulled the trigger" and ordered paper for the invitations. I purchased pre-cut cardstock/envelopes in varying sizes from Envelopper Inc. in the three colors: Stardream Flame, Stardream Gold, and Crest Solar White. The Stardream paper has a metallic shimmer. The website offers free shipping and no sales tax. Now all I have to do is figure out the wording, font, times, and meal selections. Ah!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Update: Dinnerware, Registries, Flower Girl Dresses, & Invitations

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Between house-showings, college enrollments and course registries, and NYS Dept. of Labor correspondence, Michael and I (mostly me) have excitedly continued down the wedding-planning-path. Please allow me to update you. :-)

Our dinnerware pattern has changed! We are no longer registered for the Lenox Batik Dinnerware. There are three reasons why: 1. The Lenox Batik Dinnerware does not have a complete line of serveware or accompanying pieces. 2. I discovered that this dinnerware is on back order at Macy's. 3. It was more expensive than the alternative...

Mikasa Pure Red Dinnerware

With this new dinnerware comes a new registry: Bed Bath & Beyond. This store has generally lower prices than Macy's and more availability and selection. We have not completely abandoned the Macy's registry, but we did switch many products from the Macy's registry over to the Bed Bath & Beyond registry because they were cheaper there. The Mikasa dinnerware has so many accent pieces and accessories. Fun!

The flower girl dresses have been selected and are in the process of being acquired. The lovely Rebecca and Adelaide will be donned in the champagne satin bubble dress with double rosettes.

Bridesmaid/Sister-of-the-Groom, Loren, will graciously be printing and assembling our wedding invitations. I have spent a lot of time browsing through the paper and envelope selections on LCI Paper and Envelopper Inc. So many choices! With our blue and orange elegant rustic theme, there are infinite ways to design and express that in creative and personal invitations. I hope to order the paper this weekend (but I've said that the last 2 weekends too).

Envelopper Inc.'s color index

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So, I haven't been 8 years old in a while. But, if I was, this is the dress I would want to wear (to be a Flower Girl). This dress is very affordable, ranging from $40 to $55. It also comes in several colors. And, have you noticed the coolest part? ROSETTES!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fancy: Flats or Flip-Flops?

Browsing for wedding shoes online is so much easier. However, some of the shoes I like don't seem to be available anymore (like they're last season's model or out-of-stock). I think it's risky purchasing shoes before trying them on though. The website Piperlime has free shipping and free returns - so they eliminate that risk. I am currently drawn to two distinct styles: satin flats or fancy flip-flops. I am also drawn to two distinct color schemes: color (preferably blue) or not (ivory to match the dress). As I've said in a previous post - I love rosettes! There are sellers on Etsy that can custom-make rosettes in any fabric or color. So, if I decide on a pair of shoes without rosettes, I can still add them if I want to. Here are some awesome shoes I like:

Pazzo Mimosa
Shelley George


Miss Me Lacey
Jeffrey Campbell

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

L.L.Bean Deficiency

I'm astonished! L.L.Bean does not offer a gift registry service [or even a wish-list function]. Michael and I had finally agreed on the retailer to register for all our sheets, towels, and various outdoor equipment. Nevermind. I even called customer service to ask about a work-around or some secret service I might not be aware of. Nothing.
I love L.L.Bean's flannel sheets! I've been sleeping on them (and them only - even in the summertime) since 2002. Hmm. Well, I'm sure Macy's sheets and towels will be soft and durable too. As for outdoor things, REI and Campmor do have registries. New decisions to make... Our Macy's Registry is a WIP (work in progress).

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rosette Obsession

Shoes are fun. I seem to be drawn recently to shoes/sandals with rosettes attached to them. I know it's the latest trend - but I don't mind being outdated in a decade. Check out these two beauties:
Bandolina Wishna
Rampage Ramira